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Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and save more with us.

  • We aim at our services being of quality and hygiene standards.
  • We are here to deliver to satisfy our customers of each and every household.
  • We cater to the needs of all types of societies, generations and age groups.
  • Eat the best at the best value for your money.
  • Feed your family the best.
  • Shopping made easy and upto the standards.
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Hello, we welcome you all to our Nashik-Mart family.
One evening, sitting in our living room and reading the news about how this corona pandemic has affected all of our lives on a large scale and mainly how the vegetable markets have been affected. It is such a big health hazard to buy vegetables and fruits from your local vendors these days. We thought to ourselves , “what can one even do? Online vendors either deliver it too late or do not have proper packaging which again leads to the dangers of health hazardous.”
Right there and then, I clearly remember, evening of 24th May 2020, we had to do something for our Nashik family. If companies can export goods abroad, by keeping in mind a certain method of standard and packaging requirements to make them enjoy the feel of our home-grown supplies, then why not deliver the same quality of product with a reliable service to our home folks first. As our tagline goes “Go for Hygienic”, here at Nashik-Mart we focus on delivering hygienic products safely to our customers. We not only deliver at your doorstep within 24 hours or less but also provide you with quality service at reasonable prices.

We provide you with wide variety range of food items of trusted brands. We have even bought in for you the various vendors that probably don’t even sell in Nashik still, but are a trusted brand in other cities and maybe you have even tasted them and would love to try them while relaxing at your home. We deliver to you fresh fruits and vegetables in air tight containers without any contact with the dust, human or bacteria and the experts check the quality of the products before it being delivered to you with mind blowing offers.
Our main focus always is and will be Customer satisfaction and we are here to deliver to you with all the quality and safety standards. Going out to buy in the traditional market is not only dangerous but risky for our lives as well. We guarantee you that once you have tried our product and service, you’ll always come back for our services. We bring the market to you at a very reasonable or probably lower rates. We are Nashik based E-Market for the Nashik folks, by the Nashik folks and just one order away.

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